Strategic Consulting on internal and external corporate communication

Drafting content and messages that are attractive and truthful for actors such as mass media shareholders and markets.

Knowing what, when and how to say something requires a strategic reflection and planning that is in accordance with your company’s aims and values. We can assist you in this task.

We are specialists in developing truthful and attractive content and messages for the media, shareholders and market.

  • External communication auditing.
  • Drafting, developing and follow-up of the communication plan.
  • Creation of strategies for the dissemination of the added value associated to industrial initiatives.
  • Drafting of frequently asked questions and their ad hoc response.

Regarding internal communication we provide specialized support for:

  • Internal communication auditing.
  • Management and good use of communication flows amongst the different stakeholders in the organization: employees, management, clients, suppliers, shareholders, social actors…
  • Definition, development and management of internal communication plans by means of tools such as internal communication surveys, meetings with employees, intranet, newsletters, web-logs, internal profiles in social networks, corporate magazines, or corporate guidelines handbook for new staff.