Public Affairs Management

Public affairs management or how to efficiently approach a company’s relationship with all the interested stakeholders, particularly government bodies, economic and social actors, decision-makers and regulators is an emerging field with great development potential.

In-depth knowledge of communication process

Thanks to our experience, training and specialized qualifications IZE Comunicación Industrial staff will help you to:

Gestión de asuntos públicos

  • Create and develop an institutional relations plan.
  • Create a target audience and stakeholder map for the optimal and successful approach to each of them.
  • Organize meetings and events with government officials you may want to make aware of your message.
  • Follow up the law-making process and legislation that may affect or be of interest to your organization.
  • Define, create and develop an action plan for lobbying purposes, the defence of your interests and corporate diplomacy.
  • Organize all types of institutional or corporate events, congresses, internal or external presentations, host conferences or conventions, etc.
  • Identify opportunities for a collaboration between the public and private sector.
  • Draft Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plans, including both its setup and management as well as the dissemination of actions implemented.
  • Participate in forums and events in which socially responsible organizations exhibit their good practices and exchange experiences.
  • Enter corporate competitions and take part in managerial awards and draft fitting documents and reports.