Mass Media Management

Different media ( paper or online, radio or TV) require suitable and well-planned material, content and strategies to be implemented.

In order to provide a narrative of your activities it is essential that any company or organization keep a smooth relationship with the media, be their target audience general or industry specific.

Nevertheless, that relationship must be coordinated, bring in value for both sides and stick to a previously defined communication plan. Different media (newspapers, radio, TV or online) require specific strategies, content and material that need to be prepared and developed.

medios de comunicacion
  • Management of relationships with target audience and mass media.
  • “Turnkey” Communication Management.
  • Organization of presentations, press conferences, visits and all types of news-related content events.
  • Drafting of content for its dissemination and providing support for events in all formats: dossiers, press releases, audiovisual content, pictures, leaflets and company catalogues. etc