Communication of energy and mining projects

The mining and energy related activities and projects associated with them present unique characteristics that need to be borne in mind when approaching the way they are communicated. These are projects that take place overtime, where communication is key, even before the initiation of their exploitation stage.

Likewise, they require a non-stop dialogue with all the actors involved in them. And we should not forget that they are sensitive, as they have a lasting impact on the environment, even after the cessation of their activity.

  • Planning and communication of special projects such as mining, energy related or high-impact social projects.
  • Drafting and conveyance, to different audiences, of the technical information associated to the building and management of energy infrastructures..
  • Creation of strategies for the dissemination of the added valued associated to mining and energy initiatives.
  • Defining and implementing plans for discussion of related issues with both private and institutional stakeholders.
  • Drafting of frequently asked questions and their ad hoc response.