Crisis communication

A well-managed crisis can turn into an opportunity for improvement.
Organizations face crises of a very different type on a daily basis: industrial crises, labour crises, reputation crises, lawsuits, etc.

Restructuring processes, plant relocation or shutdown, mergers and acquisitions, downsizing and the concentration of work premises, accidents, environmental pollution, information leaks, etc

It is of paramount importance to handle any unexpected crisis in an appropriate and timely manner. This will mitigate the most serious repercussions while it will enable your company to get over this crisis with the guarantee that you will be better prepared for the next . And it is essential to understand that a well-handled crisis may become a major opportunity for improvement.


To that aim, it is necessary to plan, simulate and rehearse different scenarios, be on the lookout, know how to react under pressure, and measure up and assess results. With our aid, not only will it be easier to draft and implement a crisis communication plan which is accepted by the whole company, but also develop readiness plans and crises simulation exercises.

We are ready and willing to head your crisis communication team in order to keep an efficient exchange with key players and the media in those times when your are most under pressure.

  • Identification of crises according to typology.
  • Drafting of crises plans and their implementation.
  • Communication management and support to your organization before, during and after crisis.
  • Development of post-crisis improvement and assessment plans.
  • Crises simulation exercises.